English determiners

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English determiners are always represented by attributes.

Determiner Attribute English UNL
a, an @indef a book book.@indef
a few @paucal a few books book.@paucal
a little @paucal a little ammount ammount.@paucal
a lot of @multal a lot of books book.@multal
all @all all books book.@all
another @other another book book.@other
any @any any book book.@any
both @both both books book.@both
each @each each book book.@each
either @either either book book.@either
else @other something else something.@other
every @every every book book.@every
few @paucal few books book.@paucal
little @paucal little damage damage.@paucal
many @multal many books book.@multal
most @most most books book.@most
much @multal much effort effort.@multal
neither @neither neither foot foot.@neither
no @not no book book.@not
other @other other book book.@other
own @own own book book.@own
same @same same book book.@same
several @multal several books book.@multal
some @paucal some books book.@paucal
such @such such books book.@such
that, those @distal that book book.@distal
the @def the book book.@def
this, these @proximal this book book.@proximal
what @wh what book book.@wh
whatever @wh whatever book book.@wh
which @wh which book book.@wh
whichever @wh whichever book book.@wh