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Determiners are noun-modifiers that express the reference of a noun or noun-phrase in the context, including quantity, rather than attributes expressed by adjectives. This function is usually performed by articles, demonstratives, possessive determiners, or quantifiers.

Natural Language

In the UNLarium framework, determiners are further classified as:

  • articles (ART): express definiteness (“a”, “the”)
  • demonstrative determiners (DEM): express position (“this”, in "this house is mine") (not to be confounded with demonstrative pronouns)
  • possessive determiners (POD): express property (“my”, “your”) (not to be confounded with possessive pronouns)
  • quantifiers (QUA): express quantities (“a lot of”, “several”) (not to be confounded with numerals)

Numeral determiners must be classified as numerals.

Lists of determiners


In UNL, determiners are represented by quantifying attributes, if quantifiers, or reference attributes, if articles and demonstratives. Numerals and possessive determiners are represented by UWs.