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The UNL Dictionary, or UD, is the inventory of the permanent Universal Words. It is a flat list of UWs in alphabetical order with their corresponding semantic features, but without any further organization or structure, which is expected to be provided by the other UNL lexical databases (the UNL Knowledge Base and the UNL Memory, namely).


The UNL Dictionary is divided into three nested repositories:

  • The UNL Core Dictionary contains only permanent simple UWs that are (presumably) shared by all languages
  • The UNL Abridged Dictionary contains all permanent UWs (simple, compound or complex) that are shared by at least two different language families
  • The UNL Unabridged Dictionary contains all permanent UWs (simple, compound or complex) that are lexicalized in at least one language

158)Obligation=obligation 159)duty=devoir 160)assail=assault (Ex. En: He assailed with many insults, FR: Il est assaili avec beaucoup d'insultes 161)Arrest=arreter 162)art=l'art 163)army=armee 164)The arsenal=arsenal 165)=arson=incendie (En: He is guilty of arson, FR:Il est coupable d'incendie) 166)arms=armes (En:call to arms, army, FR Appel aux armes, a l'armee 167)arrogation=arrogation, l'adoption d'un enfant 168)appelate=appeler (En: He was appelated to Court, FR: Il est appele a la Cour) 169)arbitrage=arbitrage 170)arbitrary=arbitraire 171)asecuration=securite (En it is actually for vessels, the ship is asecurated, le vesseau est securise 172)ascertain=affirmer 173)assess=evaluer (EN: Your C will be assessed, FR : Votre CV sera evalue 174)arrears=paiement en retard (En: The non paid off debt, FR:Paiement du passe no paye, hors date d'expiration 175)arraign=arraigner 176)attack=attaquer 177)arrest=arreter 178)list of juries=liste des jures 179)Appelate=Appeler (En: Appelate Court, FR: Cour d'Appel) 180)ancestor=ancetre 181)antagonism=concurrence 182)anti-nuptial=antenuptial (Ex. EN: Before wedding, FR Avant le mariage 183)antecdant=antecedant 184)a priori=par avance 185)acclaim=reclamer 186)Claim=Denonce pour proceder a la Cour 187)Denunciation=Denonce (Ex. En: He'll proceed to denunciation, FR Il va proceder a une denonciation) 188)ascondation=asconde (En: Usually in Penal law, this is condemned to high penalty, FR: Selon le Droit, l'asconde est condamnee a haute penalite)