Transformation over hyper-relations

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Hyper-relations are altered, replaced, created and deleted by T-rules:

Creating hyper-relations

Hyper-relations are created through encapsulating relations:

  • rel1(%x;%y)rel2(%x;%z):=rel1(rel2(%x;%z);%y); (the relation rel1 between %x and %y becomes a hyper-relation between the relation rel2(%x;%z) and the node %y.)

Transforming hyper-relations into simple relations

Hyper-relations are transformed into simple relations by removing their internal relations:

  • rel1(rel2(%x;%z);%y):=rel1(%x;%y)rel2(%x;%z); (the hyper-relation rel1 between the relation rel2(%x;%z) and the node %y is transformed into a simple relation between the nodes %x and %y; the relatin rel2(%x;%z) is not affected.)