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Polarity is a category that indicates the distinction between affirmative and negative.


Natural Language

In the UNLarium, polarity may assume two values:


  • English
    • not = NEG
    • never = NEG
    • none = NEG


In UNL, the attribute polarity may assume the following values:

Affirmative is the default value and must be omitted. The attribute @yes is used only for emphatic affirmative
I live here = live
I do live here = live.@yes
Polarity attributes must be assigned according to the scope of the affirmative or negative
She didn't come = come.@not
I don't know whether she came = know.@not (but not came.@not)
Polarity attributes must not be informed when lexicalized
never = never (and not never.@not)
I never lived here = live (and not live.@not)
Double negatives must be rewritten as simple negatives
I don't know nothing = I don't know anything (know.@not) or I know nothing (know)


  • I live here = live
  • I do live here = live.@yes
  • I don't live here = live.@not
  • Maybe I live here = live.@maybe