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Number is a category that typically corresponds to the actual quantity of the referents of a given noun.

Natural Language

In natural languages, number may be realised by grammatical affixes (such as "s" for plural, in English) or by quantifiers (such as "a couple of", "many", etc).
In the UNLarium framework, the grammatical category of number may assume the following values:

The plural (PLR) subsumes more specific number values and must be used when there is no particular information on the quantity of the reference.
books = PLR
pants = PLR
glasses = PLR


  • singular (SNG): book, city, kiss
  • singulare tantum (SNGT): furniture
  • plural (PLR): books, cities, kisses
  • plurale tantum (PLRT): clothes, measles
  • invariant (INV): series, species


In UNL, number is represented by quantifying attributes.