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To be represented by attributes or as UWs depending on the type of intensification. See adverbs.

Specifier adverbs

Intensifiers that do not really introduce new information, but only intensify the information conveyed by a verb, an adjective or another adverb. They are expressed by attributes of degree.

  • @plus: intensified (very)
  • @minus: downtoned (a little)
  • @extra: excessively (too)
  • @enough: sufficiently (enough)


  • very beautiful = beautiful.@plus
  • too small = small.@extra

Adjunct adverbs

Intensifiers that intensify a verb, an adjective or another adverb by indicating manner. They differ from specifier adverbs in the sense they introduce and can be associated to independent concepts. They must be expressed by UWs linked to the intensified through the relation "man".

  • amazingly good = man(good, amazingly)
  • deeply sorry = man(sorry, deeply)
  • unbelievably beautiful = man(beautiful, unbelievably)
  • ...