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The X UNL School was dedicated to the development and improvement of the grammatical resources for the UNL framework. It took place at the Library of Alexandria, in Alexandria, Egypt, from October 7th to 11th, 2012.


Call for Participation

The CFP, already expired, is available at [1].

Important dates

  • 01/09/2012: Deadline for the applications
  • 10/09/2012: Notification of accepted candidates
  • 30/09/2012: Deadline for the pre-workshop tasks (corpus translation and dictionary preparation)
  • 07-11/10/2012: X UNL School
  • 30/04/2013: Deadline for the post-workshop tasks


  • Alshaimaa ¬†Ahmed Gaber
  • Athanasios Karasimos
  • Grega Milharcic
  • Israa El-Sayed El-Hosiny
  • Martin Luts
  • Marwa Saber Arafat
  • Milica Denic
  • Nahla Mohamed Mahmoud
  • Ofelia Hovhannisyan
  • Olga Vartzioti
  • Omneya Hosni Zayyan
  • Parameswarappa S
  • Parteek Kumar
  • Rehab Arafat Rashwan



Corpus, dictionaries and grammars



Library of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt

Local Organization

Prof. Dr. Sameh Alansary (University of Alexandria, Library of Alexandria)

Post-workshop tasks (to be completed before 15/04/2013)

After the workshop, the participants will be invited to extend their experimental grammars (for both analysis and generation) for the 13 sentences of the first text of the Corpus UC-B1. The grammar should also address the corpora UC-A1 and UC-A2.


The participants who accomplish the post-workshop tasks before April 15th, 2013, will be invited to sign a contract for the development of the grammar modules for their respective languages. This contract will include:

  1. Lemmatization of all word forms appearing in the corpus (USD0.10 per lemma, up to USD1,000.00 total, i.e., 10,000 lemmas)
  2. The development of a grammar for the analysis of the 1,000 most frequent syntactic structures of the source language, extracted from the corpus (USD2,000.00)
  3. The development of a grammar for the generation of the 1,000 most frequent semantic structures of UNL (USD2,000.00)
  4. The participation in the Advanced Level Grammar Workshop in 2013