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Quantifiers are expressed in UNL by quantifying attributes or through the relation "qua", depending on the type of quantification.


Generic quantity values are expressed, in UNL, by the following attributes:

@singular is the default number value and may be omitted
book = book (or book.@singular)
number, when lexicalized, should be omitted as well
two glasses (=drinking vessel) = glasses.@pl
a pair of glasses (=spectacles) = glasses (and not glasses.@pl)


  • @singular
    • book = book or book.@singular
  • @pl
    • books = book.@pl
    • children = child.@pl
    • livres = livre.@pl
  • @paucal
    • a few books = book.@paucal
    • some books = book.@paucal
  • @multal
    • many books = book.@multal
    • several books = book.@multal


Specific quantities must be expressed by the relation "qua":

qua(quantified, quantifier)
Quantifiers are expressed by Arabic numerals, if numeric, or by UWs, otherwise
two books = qua(book, 2)
a set of books = qua(book, set)
The attribute @pl may be omitted in case of specific quantities
two books = qua(book.@pl, 2) = qua(book, 2)