UNL School

The UNL School is a series of workshops dedicated to disseminate the knowledge about UNL and the UNL System.
It has been promoted at least three times a year, in difference places of the world, in different levels: from introductory courses to beginners to more advanced courses to those who have been already dealing with the system.

EditionPeriodVenueCall for ParticipationDeadlineStatus
XVI UNL School10-14 Nov 2014University of Brasilia, Brasilia, BrazilCFPEXPIRED
XV UNL School21-25 Jul 2014UNDL Foundation office, Geneva, SwitzerlandCFPEXPIRED
XIV UNL School10-14 Mar 2014University of Patras, Patras, GreeceCFPEXPIRED
XIII UNL School07-11 Oct 2013National Academy of Sciences, Yerevan, ArmeniaCFPEXPIRED
XII UNL School01-05 Jul 2013UNDL Foundation Office, Geneva, SwitzerlandCFPEXPIRED
XI UNL School11-15 Mar 2013University of Macau, MacauCFPEXPIRED
X UNL School07-11 Oct 2012Library of Alexandria, Alexandria, EgyptCFPEXPIRED
IX UNL School11-15 Jun 2012IIT-Bombay, Mumbai, IndiaCFPEXPIRED
VIII UNL School06-10 Feb 2012UNDL Foundation Office, Geneva, SwitzerlandCFPEXPIRED
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