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The UNL Knowledge Base, or simply UNLKB, is a network structure where UWs are interconnected through any semantic relation of UNL. In that sense, the UNL KB comprises and extends the UNL Ontology, which deals only with ontological relations. The UNLKB is claimed to improve the results of both the enconversion and the deconversion process, as it would provide them with extralinguistic information normally required for solving ambiguities, anaphora and co-reference in natural language analysis and generation. In what follows, we present the current specifications for the UNL Ontology. They are not mandatory but are required from those interested in using UNL Centre's and UNDL Foundation's tools.


The UNLKB is a plain text file with a single entry per line. UNLKB entries have the following format:

<UNLKB entry> ::= <binary relation>"="<degree of certainty>";"
<binary relation> ::= <relation> "(" <source node> "," <target node> ")"
<relation> ::= any relation of UNL
<source node> ::= any existing UW
<target node> ::= any existing UW
<degree of certainty> ::= {0..255}

0 = absolutely false
255 = absolutely true