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The project DiVa (Dictionary Verification) is dedicated to the verification of entries created in the projects NADIA and BRUNO.



The goal of the project DiVa is to perform the fist check of the entries inserted in the UNLarium, including:

  • to delete entries that are not lexical units (i.e., that cannot be found in ordinary dictionaries)
  • to correct typos and any spelling problems
  • to delete wrong mappings or to add missing mappings
  • to check the morphological behavior (categories, inflections and frames)


As a verification project, DIVA is open only for users at the "editor" level, i.e., users at the level A2 holding CLEA1000.


The project DiVa is divided into 6 subprojects:


The languages involved in FRIDA are available at UNLWEB>PROJECTS.