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VALERIE is the VirtuAl LEaRnIng Environment (VLE) for UNL. It was created to teach students and language specialists to deal with natural language engineering, especially for the Universal Networking Language (UNL), and mainly in the framework of the UNLarium, a database management system used to produce language resources for UNL-based systems. VALERIE is available at [1]. You have to register in the UNLweb in order to start a certificate.

VALERIE comprises several different certificates. They are used to accredit candidates to work with UNL-driven engines and tools. Each certificate is divided into several different levels, which must be overtaken by candidates in order to be approved. Each level consists of a brief theoretical explanation and some exercises, which are evaluated automatically. Successful candidates are grant a permission to work within the UNLarium.

In VALERIE, candidates are expected to address ordinary problems in natural language engineering, such as creating dictionary entries and grammar rules, mapping natural language documents into UNL, and so on. The theory is presented in English, but the exercises may include samples from other languages. In any case, the English translation will be always provided.

VALERIE is an open and free environment. Anyone may apply to any certificate. Candidates are not required to have any previous experience in natural language processing or UNL but are expected to have some acquaintance with basic concepts of descriptive Linguistics and some knowledge of English. Undergraduate and postgraduate students of Language Studies, translators, interpreters and language specialists are especially welcomed.