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LILY (Language-to-Interlanguage-to-Language sYstem) is an interlingua-based human-aided multilingual machine translation web service. It is expected to provide end-to-end high-quality translations through semi-automatic (human-interactive) analysis of the source text into the Universal Networking Language (UNL) and fully-automatic generation from the resulting UNL document onto several different target languages. LILY includes IAN and EUGENE.

LILY Development Plan

Version 1.1

  1. Localization of the interface should be done through uploading a localization file (directly by admin). (done)
  2. Include LILY in the UNLdev. The user should have the option of seeing the results of Lily for his/her own data. (open issue)
  3. Alternative translations. The user should have the option of selecting other possible results according to the grammar. (open issue)
  4. Mobile (app) version. (open issue)

Version 1.2

  1. Multi-tab targets (as in Google Translate)
  2. "See all" option (to display all the results at the same time in parallel text boxes)
  3. "Provide a better translation" option
  4. Show UNL as a graph
  5. Automatic detection of the language of the interface (through the browser)
  6. Upload document option