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Main article: Dictionary Specs

The NL Dictionary, or ND, is the inventory of lexical items of a given natural language (NL) with the corresponding grammatical features.


The current structure of the NL Dictionary in the UNLarium is the following:

        <NLWID>unique index (integer auto-increment)</NLWID>
        <BF>base form</BF>
        <REGEX>regular expression</REGEX>
        <LEX>lexical category</LEX>
        <POS>part of the speech</POS>
        <MOR>morphological category</MOR>
        <LST>lexical structure</LST>
        <ATE>absolute tense</ATE>
        <RTE>relative tense</RTE>
        <PAR>inflectional paradigm</PAR>
        <FRA>subcategorization frame</FRA>
        <INFR>inflectional rules</INFR>
        <CPWR>composition rules</CPWR>
        <FRAR>subcategorization rules</FRAR>
        <AUTHOR>creator of the entry</AUTHOR>
        <EDITOR>editor of the entry</EDITOR>
        <REVISOR>revisor of the entry</REVISOR>
        <CREATED>date of creation</CREATED>
        <EDITED>date of edition</EDITED>
        <REVISED>date of revision</REVISED>
        <DATE>last update</DATE>
        <STATUS>current status</STATUS>
        <ASSIGNMENT>number of the assignment</ASSIGNMENT>
        <PROBLEM>problem, if any</PROBLEM>
        <BUG_REPORTER>user who reported the problem</BUG_REPORTER>


NL Dictionaries may be exported through the option export available in the UNLarium.