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      <page pageid="86" ns="0" title="Recommendations">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">The UNDLF Recommendations have been stated by the UNDL Foundation in order to standardize the development of natural language resources (such as lexical databases and grammars) in the UNL R&amp;D network. Although highly recommendable, they are not compulsory, as they concern subsidiary aspects of UNL. In any case, they must be followed by those interested in using [[Tools|UNDLF tools]].

;[[Tagset|UNDLF Tagset]]
:The UNL Tagset is a harmonized system for representing linguistic constants.
;[[Dictionary Specs|UNDLF Dictionary Specs]]
:The Dictionary Specs state the syntax of dictionary entries.
;[[Grammar Specs|UNDLF Grammar Specs]]
:The Grammar Specs state the syntax of grammar rules.
;[[KB Specs|UNDLF KB Specs]]
:The UNL Knowledge Base Specs state the syntax of the UNL KB.</rev>
      <page pageid="145" ns="0" title="Register">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">'''Register''' is a variety of a language used for a particular purpose or in a particular social setting. 

== Natural language ==
In the UNLarium framework, register may assume the following values:

{{#tree:id=nl_REG|openlevels=0|root=Register (REG)|
*archaism (ARC): no longer current
*colloquialism (CLQ): not used in formal speech
*dialect (DIA): regional speech pattern
*jargon (JGN): technical vocabulary of a particular profession
*literary (LIT): used only in literature
*pejorative (PEJ): having an unpleasant or disparaging connotation, but which are not taboo
*slang (SLG): used by a specific social group
*taboo (TAB): offensive

=== Examples ===
*thou (you) = archaism (ARC)
*wanna (want to) = colloquialism (CLQ)
*wee (small) = dialect (DIA) (Scotticism)
*canis lupus familiaris (dog) = jargon  (JGN)
*nitwit (stupid person) = pejorative (PEJ)
*waken (awake) = literary (LIT)
*ajax (exceptionally attractive girl) = slang (SLG)
*crap (nonsense) = taboo (TAB)

== UNL ==
In UNL, register is represented by attributes:


=== Examples ===
*Thou = you.@archaic
*bide a wee = bide a short time.@dialect
*canis lupus familiaris = dog.@jargon
*she is ajax = she is attractive.@slang</rev>