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To be represented as UWs, if common nouns or widely known proper names, or as temporary UWs, otherwise.


Gender, if marked and grammaticalized;
teacher = teacher (no gender information)
female teacher = teacher.@female
une enseignante = enseignant.@female
la femme = femme (gender lexicalized)
Number, if marked and grammaticalized;
books = book.@pl
few books = book.@paucal
several books = book.@multal
livres = livres.@pl
peuple = peuple (number lexicalized)
Determiners, when informed;
this book = book.@proximal
that book = book.@distal
other book = book.@other
le livre = livre.@def
un livre = livre.@indef
ce livre-ci = livre.@proximal
ce livre-là = livre.@distal


Proper names are not expected to have any attribute, except when used as common nouns
The United States of America = United States of America (and not "United States of America.@def.@pl")
Le Petit Prince = Petit Prince (and not "Petit Prince.@def")
Le Caire = Caire (and not "Caire.@def")
Is there a Paul in this classroom = Paul.@indef
There are many Indias = India.@many