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IV UNL Olympiad (October 2014)

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The UNL Olympiad is a series of competitions organised by the UNDL Foundation in order to foster the development of UNL-driven resources (dictionaries, grammars and corpora). The fourth edition of the Olympiad is devoted to the development of grammars and dictionaries for UNLizing (with IAN) and NLizing (with EUGENE) the corpus derived from the project AESOP-A1.

Important dates

Preparatory phases

  • AESOP-A1: until 22 Sep, 2014
  • Open discussion: 23-30 Sep, 2014
  • Official release of the corpus: 7 Oct, 2014


  • Deadline for the grammars and dictionaries: 15 Nov, 2014
  • First Results: 23 Nov, 2014
  • Open discussion of the results: 24-30 Nov, 2014
  • Final Results: 7 Dec 2014

Preparatory Phases (until 7 Oct, 2014)

Participation in preparatory phases is open to all candidates and is not compulsory, provided that at least one user of the working language completes the project AESOP-A1.


The first phase of the IV UNL Olympiad is the project AESOP-A1, which is open and funded for all languages. This project will set the corpus and the reference for UNLization and NLization. It consists of 13 UNL graphs that must be NLized (i.e., generated into natural language, manually). This process must be done only once for each language, i.e., it is not necessary (nor possible) that all users address the 13 UNL graphs. The progress report of the project AESOP-A1 with the number of available entries is available at UNLWEB>PROJECTS>AESOP-A1>PROGRESS REPORT.

Open Discussion

The second phase of the IV UNL Olympiad will consist in an open discussion of the results of the project AESOP-A1. All users will be able to propose the inclusion, suppression or modification of the NLizations proposed to the UNL graphs, in order to avoid any biases and privileges for specific users. During this phase, the system will also be opened to the inclusing of languages that have not been addressed before 22 Sep 2014.

Oficial Release

The official corpus and set of languages, resulting from the preparatory phases, will be released on 7 Oct, 2014.

Competition (from 7 Oct to 7 Nov, 2014)


The IV UNL Olympiad has two main goals:

  • To prepare the dictionaries and grammars for UNLizing, with IAN, the corpus AESOP-A1; and/or
  • To prepare the dictionaries and grammars for NLizing, with EUGENE, the corpus AESOP-A1.

UNLization is the process of representing, into UNL, the information conveyed by a natural language document. NLization, conversely, is the process of representing, in natural language, the information conveyed by a UNL document. These are done, respectively, with IAN and EUGENE, which are engines available at the UNLdev.


The competition is organised in two modalities:

  • Best UNLization Grammar for <LANGUAGE>
  • Best NLization Grammar for <LANGUAGE>

Where <LANGUAGE> is one of the languages participating in this Olympiad (see the complete list below).

Candidates may participate in one or two modalities, i.e., they may work with the UNLization grammar, with the NLization grammar, or with both.

Candidates may also participate in one or more languages, provided that they belong to the official list released on 30 Sep.


Prizes are awarded to the best grammars of each modality (UNLization and NLization) for each language:

  • 1st place: Gold Medal
  • 2nd place: Silver Medal
  • 3rd place: Bronze Medal

Additionally, the 10 best UNLization grammars in general (i.e., among all languages) and the 10 best NLization grammars in general will be awarded with USD500.00 each.


The corpus will be extracted from the results of the project AESOP-A1 and will be officially released on 7 Oct 2014.

Further information

Further instructions are available at www.unlweb.net/wiki/IV_UNL_Olympiad

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