The UNLlab is the place for testing and experimenting UNL-based software. The applications here available target non-specialists and are intended to explore the usability and feasibily of UNL as a language technology. They constitute ongoing projects for which users' feedback is highly appreciated. Any criticisms and suggestions are really welcome, and will certainly help us in preparing the official release candidate versions. For any comments and further information, please write to

As the UNL is an open initiative, you may also contribute to improve our current results, either by increasing the quality of our lingware (at the UNLarium) and/or of our software (at the UNLforge). See here how to participate.

Beta Version

(available for testing)
MUHIT (MUltilingual Harmonized dIcTionary) is a lexical database containing multilingual word forms coindexed by UW's, the words of UNL.

In preparation

(coming soon)
KEYS (Knowledge Extraction sYStem) is an information retrieval and extraction system. It searches for information inside documents and displays the result in UNL.
LILY (Language to Interlingua to Language sYstem) is a machine translation system that uses UNL as a pivot language.
TUT (Text to UNL to Text) is a digital library of texts represented in UNL, along with three possible realizations (summarized, simplified and rephrased), in any of the languages available in the UNL System.